Awards Winning Red Velvet cake recipe [Cake Recipes]

Awards Winning Red Velvet cake recipe

April 9, 2015
Let the countdown to

This past weekend, I accepted a challenge. The task at hand? Bake two cakes for my coworker's baby.


Okay, becoming fair, I became expected to cook one cake. Red velvet, particularly. The 2nd cake was because i desired to demonstrate down. Here, We said it. Well, kinda... okay, not really. Okay, so I decided to bake two cakes because I had something a bit particular in your mind. Plus it was not purple velvet.

Really. Red velvet?! turning through my brand new cookbooks, we discovered that perhaps not a single one of those had a red velvet meal! Just what the hell? So it had been returning to the foodgawker drawing board for me personally. Flipping through the substantial archive of red velvet dishes, we knew that a lot of of those had exactly the same couple of distinctions: some had been made with butter, others made out of oil. Some cakes had been strictly flavored with cocoa powder, other individuals had highly brewed coffee included for flavor.The additional coffee was quite interesting in my opinion. today, discover a dirty little key: I'm not society's biggest fan of purple velvet cake. Quite often whenever I've managed to make it in the past, it's been also... well, dull? Is that the right word because of it? Not really a lot of flavor, in the event that you have what I mean. Insufficient vanilla to-be vanilla, insufficient cocoa dust to-be chocolate. Actually, the actual only real purple velvet cake I actually liked was out of this now-closed BBQ place in nyc. Sad. But I digress. So is coffee the main element ingredient that my red velvet desserts had been missing all along?!

Thus I desired to decide to try a cake with coffee inside, i must say i did... but i possibly couldn't get it done. It was for my coworkers most likely. Our guest of honor had especially required a red velvet cake — let's say the coffee deviated too much from just what she asked for?

And that's whenever I remembered I experienced a jar of espresso dust within my cabinet from a past recipe for chocolate crinkles. The jar promised that espresso powder was "chocolate's best friend", which it performed nothing but enhance the chocolate's flavor without adding some of its very own.

Interresting. Could this, and never a walk, be the lacking piece that will fix every little thing? Without questioning any more, we rolled up my sleeves and put in a 1/2 teaspoon, figuring that such a small amount would not impact the cake in excess.

Also it had been a beneficial telephone call.

My coworkers LIKED the cake, with several of these asking for the recipe and saying that it was the moistest red velvet cake they would ever endured. The guest of honor especially adored it, explaining that she'd been attempting to make purple velvet cake on her behalf very own for quite a while today, but to no avail. Exactly how performed I have the cake becoming these types of a vibrant red color? Just how made it happen taste therefore moist, yet remain therefore fluffy? Exactly how could it be so chocolatey. What was my secret?

And right here its, the very best 3 tips for an epic red velvet dessert:

  1. Espresso powder.

    The container was correct. The espresso dust enhanced the cocoa dust when you look at the dish, without including any extra coffee flavor. Forget any dish that demands a cup of highly brewed coffee to add to your cake; a half-teaspoon of espresso powder is all you may need. This is the secret ingredient i am referring to. It really is truly perfectly.

  2. When in question, utilize butter.

    With an array of red velvet meals ahead of me, we understood I'd to limit it for some reason. Therefore I decided to go with a recipe that used butter instead of oil. Why? Completely irrelavent... well, okay not necessarily. WHO DOESN'T ADMIRATION BUTTER?! Besides, the cakes with oil inside them are generally also intense anyway, appropriate? And weirdly greasy, which is maybe not a texture you prefer from your dessert.

  3. Combine the food color with the cocoa dust.

    Just about all purple velvet dishes necessitate some cocoa dust and purple food coloring. But not all meals ask you to mix the cocoa dust and red meals coloring together to create a paste:


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