Toasted Almond Cream Cake recipe [Cake Recipes]

Toasted Almond Cream Cake recipe

December 31, 2014
A Pittsburgh classic, this
Perfect White Cake meal topped with an Amaretto Cream Cheese frosting and toasted almonds. YUM!!!

Amaretto Almond White Cake

Classic White Cake (from scratch) with almond flavoring. Topped with a sweet Amaretto cream-cheese frosting and toasted almonds. This would be an excellent dessert for just about any celebration or holiday!

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Sometimes as a food writer, we make, tweak, and perfect our meals, numerous times. Taste testing (aka eating) bite after bite of group after batch of snacks, donuts, brownies, whatever.

dark-chocolate-cake-1-685x1024And sometimes, once we have MASTERED the recipe, we merely can’t just take another bite. We simply want to share our recipe with relatives and buddies, and let them enjoy the bites of delicious meals.

Today’s dish had been that trip for me. I made this cake and frosted it (after a number of efforts). By the time I had a frosting utilizing the perfect taste and persistence, I wanted to carry it to a potluck, untouched. Which explains why there is no inside photo of the cake. I actually brought the full cake, without slice outs, to a party. Go figure. This dessert went fast, so be sure to grab a fork and get in-line very first!

Since I don’t have a photograph associated with the inside, allow me to describe it for your requirements! We utilized my favorite white dessert recipe and added almond herb. I really could add almond extract to almost anything and think it’s great. Really, except chicken. That would be strange.

lemon-cake-lemon-curd-3we spread a slim layer for the Amaretto frosting involving the two levels of cake. Simple. Elegant. Elegant. (cannot describe me personally, however it DOES explain this cake)!

First and foremost, let’s explore this frosting. Cream-cheese frosting could be heavy in flavor and texture. By incorporating the butter using the cream cheese and beating it together for a complete 3 minutes utilizing a power mixer, you may start with a light and fluffy surface. Once you add your Amaretto alcohol and powdered sugar, could beat one more 4-5 minutes. It’s crucial to beat this timeframe to have that airy persistence!

We distribute the frosting regarding sides and top of the cake and then added some simple swirls towards top. By pressing the toasted almonds into the edges, it gives the dessert character. You might just sprinkle all of them outrageous also! This dish makes 24 cupcakes, if you’d rather get that course!

How about surprising your family and friends this Easter with a new dessert recipe? If you want to opt for a white cake from a box that might be good too. Simply add the 2 Tbsp of almond extract towards completed batter, beating it until well blended. ENJOY!!!

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