Moist fruit cake recipe without alcohol [Cake Recipes]

Moist fruit cake recipe without alcohol

June 10, 2014
Masterclass Christmas cake

img_2532.jpgWe’ve all heard the never-ending selection of vacation fruitcake jokes, appropriate?

The popular Johnny Carson range: “There really is only 1 fruitcake on the planet, passed away from family members to household.”

And the recipe that starts such as this: “10 undented cans of Spam, 5 bags of these awful small jellied fresh fruits…”

And also this ditty, sung to your tune associated with the Monkees’ Last Train to Clarksville:

Eat the past bit of fruitcake
that we got from Auntie Mabel
We can’t ensure that is stays within the kitchen area
‘cause it smashed through the dining table as well as the floor
Oh no-no no, oh no-no no…

But actually, there are people who love fruitcake. Literally any fruitcake – dark, light, filled up with green cherries and candied peel, or red cherries and pecans, or…

The “I like fruitcake” crowd is not generally overly particular about components, provided that they can just take their particular stand in favor of this much-maligned holiday treat.

img_2562.jpgAnd then there’s the middle ground, the blue-dog Democrats of American fruitcake community. We enjoy a particular kind of fruitcake – light-colored, no sour candied peel, no gluey candied fresh fruits, not excessively spiced. More a fruit cake than a fruitcake, if you get my drift.

I’m inside “fruitcake is okay” group. I’ll enjoy a piece – and probably just that, one piece – at xmas. However it needs to be moist, and has now to-be mild, sampling more of good fresh fruit than spice.

The next dessert meets this description to a T.

Full of pecans, my favorite dried fruits, plus toasted coconut and banana; and with NO spices whatsoever, save sodium, it will take its taste from the fresh fruits themselves.

That is just fine beside me. And my better half, a long-standing fruitcake fan and absolute traditionalist, who however devoured two loaves with this maverick exotic variation on our present holiday.

Willing to risk a unique fruitcake dish? One which doesn’t call for 10 cans of Spam? Here we go –

img_2495.jpgThese bake & give pans are a neat little product. Made of heavy covered report, they’re entirely bakeable; use as might a metal pan. The difference is, you can offer someone a baked treat without fretting about getting your pan straight back afterward. We offer all kinds of sizes and shapes; see our favorite vacation bake & provide pans.

Coconut fans, rejoice! 1/2 to at least one teaspoon with this extra-strong taste punches up the taste of any such thing coconut.

As does this coconut milk dust, a very tasty replacement canned coconut milk. Never ever mind opening a complete will of milk when all that's necessary is 1/3 glass; use this useful milk powder rather.

And exactly what fruitcake is full without candied red cherries? Not green ones – ewwwww! But these sticky purple nuggets offer signature fruitcake surface, maraschino cherry taste, and an extremely pretty appearance.

And mention delicious! Unlike the candied cherries you might get during the grocery store, these are nice and damp. Consider all syrup into the base for the bathtub – feel free to blend it into the next Shirley Temple.


Next up in our ingredient review: dried out pineapple nuggets. Why not just use fresh pineapple? As it’s awfully juicy, and your fruitcake is moist anyway; fresh pineapple will drive it throughout the edge into soggy.

Cover with plastic wrap, and heat till the liquid begins to form small bubbles, 2 to 3 minutes; see those little bubbles across the side?

Eliminate from the microwave oven, and allow sleep overnight, covered.

Placed 2 glasses (about 5 ounces) sweetened coconut in an ungreased 9” x 13” pan. Bake in a preheated 300°F range for approximately 13 to fifteen minutes, stirring several times. The coconut won’t do anything for some time, then will brown very rapidly; this is the “watchful” part.

Blend it around therefore the sides don’t get very brown.

And here it's, well toasted.

Here’s the pineapple, after its instantly sleep; notice exactly how it is absorbed the fluid and turn syrupy.

Fresh banana adds the perfect amount of moistness to your dessert. You prefer 1/2 glass mashed banana; 1 medium-large banana should do it. As well as the riper the banana, the stronger the taste; it is a perfect use for the dark-brown, last-one-in-the-fruit bowl, extremely overripe banana.

img_2503.jpg img_2531.jpg img_2503.jpg img_2533.jpg

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