Red Velvet Poke cake recipe [Cake Recipes]

Red Velvet Poke cake recipe

November 16, 2018
Red velvet poke cake
In a medium dish, whisk together dry pudding blend with 4 glasses of milk.

Whisk until all of the lumps have died.

Pour pudding over dessert. Using care for right into the holes whenever possible.
Spread it all aside and utilizing the straight back for the spoon, carefully drive pudding on to the holes.
Put the cake in to the refrigerator setting and cool (about 2 hours).
If you have any such thing chilling out in your fridge this is certainly stinky, be sure to protect your cake.
Once your dessert features totally cooled, spread on whipped topping.
Distribute it out uniformly throughout the pudding layer.

When you haven't done this already, crush your Oreo snacks.

I just destination mine in a ziploc case and crush them with a rolling pin. Leave some of the pieces big. It really is great to own a bit of a crunch whenever you consume the cake.

Scatter smashed Oreos on the the top of cake.

You can do this part straight away before providing the cake if you like.

This may ensure the cookie bits tend to be crunchy when you offer it.
This dessert needs to be kept refrigerated.
Red Velvet Poke Cake~ Only 4 Ingredients!!
Red Velvet Poke Cake~ Only 4 Ingredients!!
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red velvet cake recipe southern
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