Easy Chocolate Frosting recipe for Cake [Cake Recipes]

Easy Chocolate Frosting recipe for Cake

July 1, 2018
Chocolate Frosting Recipe

You guys have only yourselves to be blamed for this post! Final weekend, we published this image of my husband’s birthday celebration cake I made:

Appears great, right? And after that you every moved crazy asking, tweeting and emailing me personally the recipe! As opposed to giving an answer to every body, I just made a decision to do a blog post about the whole darn thing.

So, first things first. Happy Birthday Gord! 27 blissful years back you surfaced from your own mother’s uterus and graced this the world together with your presence. You then existed the initial element of yourself wondering what you were missing. Then you definitely found me personally along with your life was total.

About that’s the thing I tell myself. As with any the full time.

best and easiest chocolate frostingThen we made you a chocolate dessert and slathered the whole thing with chocolate frosting and angels sang praises. Then I lit each 700 candle lights, brought it over to you regarding the deck to sing delighted birthday together with wind blew all of them down. {Except for maybe 4?} Then you made a wish therefore we consumed dessert.

I believe that essentially sums up my husband’s presence. In 2 sentences. Haha.

I think at this point you-all should be aware of that i will be the lemon nut and my husband may be the chocoholic in this house. So of course I'd to offer the man chocolate on their birthday. Therefore I performed. Big-time. Chocolate on chocolate with a few sprinkles on top. That's this dessert.

birthday cakeThe dessert section is in fact Ree’s Chocolate Sheet Cake meal that I modified and baked into 2-9 inch rounds. {I added 1/2 teaspoon baking powder to the batter so they would rise a bit more than usual.} They baked up beautifully and ended up being actually damp! It’s outstanding go-to recipe.

Then I made a batch of my personal favorite frosting and ate it-all with a spoon. However made another group and frosted this cake. Try to avoid slurping your screen. I am aware it is tough. We utilized a butter knife to frost the birthday cake and a 1M wilton tip to frost the cupcakes. After that we went to town and bedazzled these children out with all the boy-ish sprinkles i possibly could discover.

Sprinkles make every thing better plus awesome attractive! Oh and performed I mention it was a dessert ever? Sooooooo delicious! Specially all that creamy frosting! Mmmm…..and you will find only 5 ingredients needed! Seriously! Just take a peek a the recipe under!

us <3 best chocolate frosting 1
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