Krusteaz Coffee Cake recipe [Cake Recipes]

Krusteaz Coffee Cake recipe

May 15, 2015
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Summer will be here and therefore implies fresh fruits tend to be plentiful! I really like now of the year because of the various kinds of vegetables & fruits available for sale. Raspberries have been easily available recently also to make use of all of them, we swirled all of them into a lemon cheesecake batter to produce this Raspberry Lemon cream-cheese Loaf.

Utilizing the nice explosion of citrus notes and plump, ready raspberries throughout, this is a pleasant treat for just about any summer time time... Some folks is almost certainly not fond of cooking during summer, but I particularly enjoy incorporating the fresh fruits available into so many baked goods. I shall acknowledge I have a number of my help from my buddies at Krusteaz, which will have some type of tasty combine to create with ease.

When it comes to Raspberry Lemon Cream Cheese Loaf, I used the Krusteaz Meyer Lemon Pound Cake Mix and added some cream-cheese and fresh raspberries. You may also replace this with other berries eg blueberries, blackberries or strawberries! Nevertheless, it is a rather flexible dish where you can highlight whatever berry is in period!


Prep Time 10 min complete Time 1 hr Servings 10-12


1 package Krusteaz Meyer Lemon Pound-cake Combine
3/4 glass water
10 tablespoons butter, melted 4 ounces cream-cheese, softened
1/2 cup fresh raspberries, broken

For Glaze 1 1/2 teaspoons liquid


Temperature range to 350°F. Lightly oil 8 ½ x 4 ½ x 2 ½ -inch loaf cooking pan. Prepare Krusteaz Meyer Lemon Pound Cake blend as directed, adding 4 ounces softened cream-cheese. Combine into a batter. Add 1/2 cup crushed fresh raspberries and swirl carefully to the batter, becoming careful not to ever stir too much so there are just pouches and small streaks of raspberry. Bake in a loaf pan for 50-55 minutes. Cool five full minutes; gently loosen and take away from cooking pan. Transfer loaf to a cooling rack and invite to cool entirely before drizzling with lemon glaze. Ready the glaze combine (enclosed) and liquid, while slowly incorporating the water until glaze is desired consistency. Drizzle over cooled pound cake. Enable glaze setting before helping.

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