April 7, 2022

DESIGNED & ENGINEERED FOR Individuals Who're Seriously Interested In DEHYDRATING


Everything began having a problem our company's founder was getting as he was operating a chilly-press, almond milk company. Throughout the production process, the by-product of cold-pressing almonds is pulp, and also the idea ended up being to process it further to begin producing almond flour.

To do the ultimate stage of processing, he needed an Industrial Dehydrator. He discovered that commercial food dehydrators were built with a beginning cost of near to $20,000! On the top of this, the businesses transporting them were only offering 1-year limited warranties with little customer support or ongoing support. A obvious chance was revealed and also the journey started.

One factor brought to a different along with a partnership was created with this co-founder. He'd formerly been running multiple business and search engine optimization, and may see the requirement for something provider that may deliver quality products having a great experience.


Things moved fast because there would be a demand to fill. Many purchasers expressed that they been so frustrated previously, and Commercial Dehydrators offered relief and methods to many issues in the market.

Within the time that Commercial Dehydrators began focusing on manufacturing partnerships and developing new enhancements using their products, the sales with the US, United kingdom, and AUS were quickly growing and also the proceed to convey more staff around the world was necessary. Since that time, they is continuing to grow, spanning 3 continents.

Within their success, they observed that lots of their early customers were growing their business, and returning to buy bigger dehydrators. This motivated Commercial Dehydrators to begin working closer using their people to develop a commercial dehydrator range.

Commercial Dehydrators growth continues with operations now in Canada, potential in Mexico and Russia to fill the demand Commercial Dehydrators have.


Make certain fervently on raw material costs and supplier negotiations, in addition to with freight and shipping companies to make certain that you're obtaining the best cost in the marketplace.

We all do all this and keep product quality towards the top of our priority list. We have all heard the statement, “you get that which you purchase,” and know that it may certainly ring true. But we know there are good bargains available that provide a high quality product when we look with enough contentration. At Commercial Dehydrators America, we come under the second, not former.

We won't give up for cost!

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