Jane Parker fruit cake recipe [Cake Recipes]

Jane Parker fruit cake recipe

June 25, 2018
Because Mike s family has been

jane_parker_A&P_FruitcateMONTVALE, N.J. – We for some reason missed this 1 on the holidays.

Jane Parker is BACK. Yippeee.

Apparently, the truly amazing Atlantic and Pacific Tea business (NYSE: space) re-introduced Jane Parker Fruitcake, and today is making the selling with this brand name an annual holiday custom. Could Ann webpage herbs be after that?

In terms of we understand, they aren’t reintroducing one other items that had the Jane Parker name, like bread, however the fruitcake ended up being an United states classic. Lollipop museum founder Huntington Hartford could be delighted.

It’s a beneficial indication when it comes to Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea business, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary last year. The organization has actually enormous amounts of brand goodwill, which it ought to utilize every-way it could.

We're big fans of history of A&P, and living a long way away from the closest shop, we skip, we skip, we miss out the A&P.

The major question: Do you such as your fruitcake hot? Or perhaps not.

And also the other concern for BrandlandUSA readers. Aside from Eight O’Clock and Bokar, and Ann webpage, just what had been the older shop brands of A&P?

(modify on tale, 2015. They nonetheless look like in love with Amazon, although the stores are getting through reorganization.)

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