Zuma Deluxe [Cake Recipes]

Zuma Deluxe

December 29, 2018

One of the most exciting and eye-catching games is Zuma Deluxe. While playing, you can while away a single hour of free time, plus everything, not only to have fun, but also to increase skills in building moves, improve attention and dexterity. On our site is the full version of the game Zuma Deluxe. You can play it not only without going through the tedious stages of registration, but also completely free.

Your main goal will be to find out the mystery of the mysterious Zuma, otherwise protect the ancient civilization from complete collapse will not succeed. You have to overcome obstacles, removing the chain of colorful balls that are getting closer to the abyss at higher speeds. In the center of the field sits a frog, letting the snake balls out.

You will need to group the balls by color in a combination of three or more elements. Aim and shoot. Applying ingenuity, you will be able to earn bonuses that instantly increase points. In no case do not allow the chain of balls to reach the end of the maze, otherwise the level will be failed.

Zuma Deluxe - Modernization of the classic version of the beloved legendary Zuma. The initial menu meets the players with the start button, and the background shows the gameplay by which you can understand the basic basics, available to beginners and those who have not played a masterpiece of casual games before.

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The first level shines with a pleasant and bright graphic component, which clearly bribes the player, after a conservative image of the good old Zuma. The gameplay remained untouched, we also see a moving chain of balls, manage all the same toad and try to break the chain and earn as much as possible, as many points and bonuses as possible that will help you at first glance in a hopeless situation. The game has a convenient navigation, which makes the gameplay as comfortable as possible.

At the top left, the number of lives is located, if you spend them all, the game will be over and your achievements will remain only in the rating table, so you should periodically pay attention to them and remember, every mistake can become critical and turn the game far into the mainstream of victory and triumph. A little to the right of vital statistics, the current level is located, at which you are now trying to destroy the chain and prevent it from reaching the golden skull, which will be equal to your failure and loss. In the middle is the total number of points that you collect, knocking balls of the same color from the chain, it is worth noting that already in the first level the game pours bonus points on the player with successful combinations, which definitely appeals to the continuation of the game.

The progress bar is slightly to the right, it is gradually filled and you can navigate on it, how many balls you still have to knock out. At the first level, it will be quite difficult to understand, but with further progress this task becomes easier, and this growing bar will often help out experienced gamers in difficult locations.

Calculate whether to strain, or the chain is nearing its end and it is worth relaxing. At the top right is the treasured menu button, if you are very tired, always press the pause and take a break. It can also be used as a tactical pause and think about further actions and strategy, because besides the driving arcade, there is also a logical component in the game. In addition, the menu has the ability to turn off the music, although it is worth noting that the soundtrack is chosen very authentic for this genre. Or, if you are too tired, you can just quit the game, but it is worth remembering that progress will be completely erased, so think about whether you want to reset all your efforts and invested forces.

The first level is more like an introductory one and presents no difficulty. Shoot the balls, watch the bonus points get knocked out and enjoy what is happening on the screen. After each round, you will find a table where achievements for the passed level are detailed.

Among the statistics, shows the time during which the player overcame the location, the total number of points scored, coins collected, the maximum combo performed during the level, the maximum number of combinations. From the second level the game becomes even more interesting, all sorts of bonuses begin to appear and coins appear periodically.

But do not flatter yourself, usually the coins are located behind the chain, and to seize them, you need to make a break, but it is not so simple, because the chain is constantly in motion and does not stop for a second. Already in the second level, we can see a bonus from the classic Zuma, which unwinds the chain in the opposite direction. This is very helpful in a critical situation, when there is already little hope of victory and the balls approach the cherished golden skull.

With each new location, the level of complexity and tension will increase, which further stirs interest in this version of the most popular game in its genre. The chains become very long and breaking them once again.

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