Easy Christmas fruit cake recipe [Cake Recipes]

Easy Christmas fruit cake recipe

May 30, 2017
Easy Christmas Fruit Cake

christmas dessert recipeI adore an excellent Christmas fruitcake, which makes myself deeply uncool, correct? Wrong, stooges! I want to be clear though, I’m talking about my Christmas cake – a lighter, tastier, more-sponge-less-fruit xmas cake.

I’m perhaps not likely to be bashful about any of it one – the dish is complete genius, and each fruitcake-hater I’ve ever tried it out on concedes so it’s good. This has gorgeous plump items of easily identifiable delicious dried fruits, perhaps not various clumps of sour, black-coloured maybe-raisins and something-like-sultanas that stay glued to your fillings while making your jaw ache.

Some traditions are sacred though. I actually do want it with a little bit of austere marzipan icing at the top, and I also insist on a dusting of icing sugar and an array of arbitrary plastic Christmas figurines to jazz it up – I’ve got a Santa, 1 / 2 a sleigh, some trees and a deer. Failing that, you should use good Royal icing like on Jamie Magazine’s gluten-free dessert which will make a snow-scape on the top.

Baking preserved fruit into a dessert is thought to have originated round the Twelfth-night occasion. This is actually the evening ahead of the final day's Christmas parties in accordance with the Christian faith, and frequently a “Twelfth cake” ended up being built to commemorate, incorporating any leftover Christmas time pudding in to the cake blend. Over time, as exotic fresh fruits became more available, fruit cakes became more sophisticated and often used as dining table centerpieces, using their accessories becoming more attractive – think sugar-frosted whole fruits and satin ribbons.

Typically throughout European countries, dried-fruit has been used in a lot of bakes, not merely Christmas time desserts – for example German stollen or Italian panforte is variations of a cake with added candied fresh fruit. Within the Caribbean, black colored dessert is a still popular cake made out of dried-fruit wet in rum, frequently over an extended time frame, making for an extremely dark, wealthy and heavy dessert. Mine’s not quite as intense because – indeed it may really be known as “Fruitcake for sissies” – however when it tastes this effective which cares?

Merry Christmas from Bee’s bakery!

Very first, some tips:

  1. This dish is actually forgiving, therefore select fresh fruits which you love, whilst the final dessert it's still a cracker! Get hefty regarding apricots and cherries if you would like a lighter, fresher-tasting dessert, or go hefty on figs and prunes in the event that you fancy an abundant, darker cake.
  2. Keep the full time to drench your fresh fruits instantaneously prior to making and baking – it makes a big difference.
  3. Store your fruitcake wrapped in parchment then foil – it’ll keep for about six weeks in a clear tin.
  4. Don’t feel you will need to give your dessert with alcohol – by pre-soaking the good fresh fruit and picking lighter plus flavoursome fruits, there’s need not add additional the booze, in my opinion.


  • 5 tablespoons of fluid – for instance an assortment of orange and cranberry juice, cool black earl gray beverage or if you’re very keen, brandy or another nature
  • 900g dried out fancy fresh fruits like apricots, dates figs, prunes, glacé cherries, dried blueberries, and candied peel, chopped into 1cm pieces.
  • 500g that you choose of dried out vine fresh fruits like blackcurrants, raisins, sultanas (those huge California flame raisins are excellent) or cranberries – lots of different colours are greatThe zest and juice of a big orange
and a large lemon
  • 350g soft butter, at room-temperature
  • 300g of soft brown sugar – a variety of light brown and darker muscovado is useful –again, use more of the former if you prefer a light sponge, and much more associated with the latter if you would like much more color.
  • 5 large free-range eggs
  • 100g ground almonds
  • 150g shelled and roughly sliced peanuts – I specifically love pecans, but hazelnuts or almonds are good too, much less expensive.
  • 1 tsp baking dust
  • 350g plain flour (a combination of white and wholemeal is very good)

The evening if your wanting to bake your cake, heat your fluid by simmering in a little cooking pan (don't boil it), after that pour over all of the dried-fruit and zest in a bowl. Combine carefully and leave to cool and drench overnight – your fruit would be juicy and plump in the morning – ideal for cooking. Keep your butter from the refrigerator instantaneously too, to soften up.

On the day, pre-heat your oven to 160°C/325°F and double-line a circular 20cm cooking tin with parchment, making several cm protruding regarding the top. Combine your soft butter using sugars in a food mixer or, if you’re taking care of toning up your biceps, go for it by mixing manually in a sizable dish. Ointment until a light fluffy mixture kinds – it’ll be less heavy in colour than what you began with – the fluffier the greater.

Break in eggs one at a time, with some spoonful of the almonds every time to cease the combination curdling. Once combined, include the flour, cooking dust additionally the rest regarding the floor almonds, plus the nuts, and mix until just combined. Adding into the pre-soaked fresh fruit – there shouldn’t be a great deal liquid left in the bottom associated with the bowl, but do add any dribbles being left. Mix well, scraping along the sides of dish to make sure all things are combined.

Pour the mixture into the dessert tin until it's 3/4 full and make certain the top of the blend is flat, and that means you get an excellent evenly-topped dessert. Based your mix it's likely you have lots left-over, so just make another smaller dessert or many small xmas cupcakes.

Bake for one hour, after that change the dessert around (in case your range features any hot spots), lessen the temperature to 150ºC/300ºF and bake for the next hour. Look at the cake to see whether or not it’s carried out by placing a skewer or the tip of a thin-bladed knife – when its done, there could be a couple of crumbs following the knife, but there should be no natural combination. It might require as much as another half an hour dependent on your blend.

Keep the dessert to cool off inside the tin such that it keeps its form, so when willing to provide, either dust some icing sugar on top, or cover in marzipan and decorate nevertheless you fancy most readily useful! Additionally keeps effectively, therefore I usually bake my xmas dessert during the early December before things get totally mad at Bakery with xmas instructions.

Easy Christmas Cake Recipe
Easy Christmas Cake Recipe
Christmas Cake Recipe - Xmas Cake Recipe - Easy Fruit Cake
Christmas Cake Recipe - Xmas Cake Recipe - Easy Fruit Cake ...
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