Crushed pineapple Angel Food cake recipe [Cake Recipes]

Crushed pineapple Angel Food cake recipe

February 22, 2017
Day 188 – Pineapple Angel Food

hand written recipe for pineapple angel food cakeMany years ago, my preliminary quest on the net in 1995 ended up beingn’t to generate restaurant style recipes, it was to archive household meals. All of the women in my family cooked, we had been all from your own typical family who couldn’t afford to head out to eat every night, but we performed enjoy making delicious food for those that we love. This recipe for my Grandmother Ethel’s Pineapple Angel Food Cake has existed for quite some time, and I also was rather particular it wasn’t the woman dish to start with, but i'd like to explain to you how one thing becomes a recipe on the web.

I continue to have about a shoebox full of these beautiful handwritten recipes. I would personally recognize this penmanship anywhere. Its my Grandmother, Ethel Eynard, my Dad’s mom. She inspired me to collect meals, and prepare publications. I might go over to her household, and be filled in awe with her huge collection of cookbooks. She should have had about 20. Much more interesting in my opinion, had been that she truly performedn’t need a recipe to cook with, her meals was quick, but usually sublime. She would write out meals for me and send them to me. When I would review to the woman home, she would make a new dish. At one-point this dish was brand-new. This meal had been one that she probably created for my Dad and me personally. My father ended up being diabetic, type I, he had to just take a few insulin shots every single day. Whenever I was growing up these baked great weren’t anything we had many times, because we attempted to admire that my father couldn’t enjoy them. This kind of angel food dessert is gloomier in sugar, and ended up being a treat we're able to enjoy.

Anytime I consider these meals, thoughts come flooding back again to myself. A dessert such as this ended up being enjoyed after-dinner, and after a few games of cards. I am able to remember sitting in her kitchen area, taking pleasure in simple while bantering forward and backward about who had been winning, and who was losing a game title of rummy. These thoughts are typical the greater amount of touching now, because everybody else that sat at that dining table except for myself is gone now. We are in possession of the thoughts, therefore the sheet of paper that my grandma therefore carefully wrote down the woman meal. While so frequently we can’t convey to you the special definition something that this dish has got to me, i really hope I'm able to give you a great recipe where you share, and enjoy a pleasant evening with the ones that you like.

Take note, there's absolutely no liquid or anything else included with this recipe other than the components down the page.

Do you have unique household recipes that mean anything for your requirements? Do you realy equate recipes with thoughts?

You could make this low calorie and reduced fat angel meals dessert, it's easy, so delicious.


  • 1 box Angel Food Cake mix - make use of one step mix
  • 1 20 ounce can broken pineapple loaded with its own liquid, don't use it when packed in syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla
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